Everyone gets wrinkles, the only question is when? Botox is a world-famous injection used to prevent wrinkles and smooth wrinkles caused by muscular contractions. Botulinum toxin was originally found to be useful in treating the ocular condition strabismus but was coincidentally found to suppress the muscles that would contribute to glabellar lines (the frown lines that appear between your eyes). The cosmetic world was never the same afterward.

What is Botox Exactly?

If you don’t know already, Botox is the name brand for botulinum toxin—quite possibly the world’s deadliest poison. Surprisingly, it’s perfectly safe for use. For the better part of 20+ years people have been getting Botox injections with relative success. However, it’s not a point and stick solution. Results from Botox can vary greatly as the skill of the injector is of primary importance. Understanding which muscles to paralyze and using only what is necessary is important in preventing a stiff look. Visiting a highly experienced injector such as Dr. David or Jordana at The Herschthal Practice will ensure the continued quality of your results.

What is Preventative Botox?

Botox has historically been viewed as an anti-aging measure against wrinkles which are thought to affect people 35 and up. Of course, people develop wrinkles at vastly different stages in life regardless of their habits or lifestyle choices. Not only that, but due to the immense variety between people’s faces, wrinkles will develop sooner or later depending on where creasing happens.

Wrinkles aren’t happening to people earlier in age than they used to, rather it is a case of society viewing cosmetic dermatology procedures with greater acceptance. The reputation of injectables such as Botox in the late 90s and early 2000s was that it was the realm of trophy wives and Hollywood celebrities. Nowadays, it is a fairly common procedure no one would blink twice at.

As a result, the age at which people have started to consider getting Botox or other similar injectables such as Xeomin or Dysport has skewed much younger than even 5-10 years ago. Many licensed dermatologists are finding women coming into their clinic seeking Botox to treat the beginnings of fine lines and wrinkles as they approach their 30th birthdays.

And perhaps this is the best practice. After all, wrinkles are predominantly caused by the loss of elasticity in the skin combined with other factors such as common creasing points.

When Should You Get Preventative Botox?

As we’ve discussed, the variance in how someone’s face behaves when making different expressions or no expression at all (neutral face) is dramatically different person to person. Some people may get crows feet in their late 20s and others not until nearing 40, same with frown lines around the mouth.

Based on how Botox works and how the vast majority of wrinkles form, it only makes sense that if you wish to take preventative measures that getting a Botox injection when your wrinkles begin to stick around is the proper time. This is echoed by many cosmetic professionals who perform injections regularly.

When you are young, skin is highly elastic and will bounce right back to however it was before your expression changed. We lose this elasticity as we age. Collagen production slows down and our skin succumbs to factors like damage and gravity.

However, considering those differing lifestyle factors, sun exposure, genetics, etc, if you are noticing wrinkles that have begun to set in—now’s the time to get preventative Botox.

Botox Injections Boca Raton FL

Are you seeking Botox injections to stem the tides of time and perhaps a few too many beach days?

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Botox and other injectables can be a saving grace in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines, but they can also detract from your appearance if misapplied or used unskillfully. Contact us or book an appointment online for a consultation today, so we can help you achieve your beauty goals.