Not everyone ages at the same rate, and not everyone ages the same way. Many procedures are targeted towards fixing specific issues or major age-related aesthetic complications. While these treatments are very effective for someone who needs that extra oomph, what if you need a more moderate treatment instead of an intensive one? When it comes to lifting the face, it may be better for you to get a thread facelift than to get a traditional facelift—which requires surgery.

What’s the Purpose of a Facelift?

Gravity is most unkind, it is often the first factor that causes aesthetic changes on your face and body. Over time, skin becomes less elastic and firm, this is due to the loss of collagen as well as the shifting of fat deposits. This, in combination with gravity, causes your face to start sagging. Everything comes down, your brow folds over causing deep creases on your forehead, your eyelids droop and your cheeks sag.

What is a Thread Facelift?

Almost everyone understands what a traditional facelift surgery is, the terminology has seeped into popular culture for many years now. However, the lesser-known thread facelift is a less invasive option that allows you to forego surgery. If you’re looking to tighten your face up a bit and steal some firmness back from gravity, a thread facelift may be your best option.

How Does a Thread Lift Differ From a Facelift?

The Herschthal Practice offers NovaThreads for thread lift treatment. Originally, if you wanted to solve problems regarding facial laxity, you didn’t have many options besides a facelift. However, with NovaThreads, your cosmetic professional will stitch up your skin with PDO sutures. These sutures are quite similar to those used in internal surgery, so you can rest assured they are some of the most studied materials in regards to safety.

A thread lift is different from a facelift precisely because of its use of sutures. Instead of making an incision at the temples and pulling the skin taut as a surgeon would do in a facelift, the thread lift procedure lifts the loose skin through the use of sutures. The real benefit of this treatment is that it causes your body to undergo a selective inflammatory response. This is the principle behind many anti-aging treatments such as microneedling, wherein the body is subjected to very minor trauma in a controlled way, and it stimulates healing and growth.

This growth comes in the form of renewed collagen production—which as we covered earlier, the loss of which is one of the primary reasons skin begins to sag in the first place.

Recovery Times for Thread Lifts are Superior

As with all procedures, the more invasive it is, the more it tends to have a longer recovery time. This applies to thread lifts as well: the healing time for the thread lift procedure is much quicker than it would be for a facelift. When undergoing a facelift, you are typically put under general anesthesia. When you undergo a thread lift, a less potent form of anesthesia—such as local anesthesia can be used. This means that the patient can drive themselves home if they choose to.

Because of the nature of thread lifts, they are inherently less risky than a facelift. This can be reassuring for people who would like to get a lifting procedure done but are uncomfortable with the level of invasiveness for facelift surgery. Alternatively, some people cannot have more dramatic surgeries for medical reasons, in which a thread lift may be more applicable to them.

Thread Face Lift in Boca Raton, FL

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