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Poly-l-lactic acid is a plastic with a difference. Derived from plant-based sources, it’s a biodegradable polymer that’s also biologically inert. These characteristics make it an ideal candidate for a cosmetic filler. Sculptra® uses poly-l-lactic acid as an alternative to hyaluronic acid injections. Dermal fillers often depend on the expertise of the dermatologist performing the injections. The Herschthal Practice of Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida promises Beauty in Medicine, and they are the experts in the Sculptra procedure. Sculptra is a key component of the Revolumizing category of our exclusive TR3 approach.

Sculptra Q & A

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How does Sculptra differ from other dermal fillers?

Sculptra works on the same principle as other fillers, and is a key component of the TR3+ approach: revolumizing and recontouring the face for a naturally refreshed and more youthful look. As collagen in the face breaks down over time, accompanied by the loss of skin elasticity, parts of the face lose volume, giving a patient an older, slightly sunken appearance. Dermal filler injections fill the gaps left by lost collagen to give the face a fuller more youthful appearance. They erase lines by pushing up the dermis space beneath wrinkles and creases. Sculptra, however, differs in chemical composition. Using a biodegradable, biology inactive polymer, Sculptra behaves differently from hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator. With its use, there’s evidence that Sculptra works as a filler and stimulates the body’s production of new collagen. As Sculptra breaks down and is eliminated naturally from the body, new collagen is produced, which reduces the need for frequent filler injections.

Patients may see more gradual results compared with other fillers. However, the appearance of a treatment regime can last about 2 years.

Can any doctor administer dermal fillers like Sculptra?

While a doctor can order and inject dermal fillers, those who don’t specialize in anatomy of the face and dermal fillers do not have the best experience with Sculptra application. Every dermal filler product has different properties, and understanding which to use – and how to use it – requires specialization. For the best results, contacting aesthetic dermatology specialists like Dr. David and Dr. Jordana at The Herschthal Practice assures your best chances for effective treatment.

Does Sculptra have side effects?

The most common side effects are minor bruising, swelling and redness. These usually dissipate in a few days. Most patients return to their day-to-day activiites shortly after treatment. 

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