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No matter how hard you work at diet and exercise, there are some places on the body that refuse to lose persistent fat bulges. The Herschthal Practice in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida is proud to offer a solution for those clients seeking an answer to lingering belly fat and love handles. SculpSure® uses the power of lasers to target and destroy fat cells while leaving the skin’s surface unharmed. Contact the office today for a free consultation.

Sculpsure Q & A

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How does SculpSure body contouring work?

The SculpSure laser targets fat stored in stubborn locations that resist efforts to reshape through diet and exercise. The contouring laser emits light at a wavelength that stored fat tissue absorbs, heating it in the process. As temperatures rise, this fat tissue becomes damaged, becoming absorbed and disposed of by the body. These fat cells aren’t replaced unless the patient undergoes significant weight gain of about 30% body mass. SculpSure treatments last about 25 minutes and the full effects are seen between 6-12 weeks to reach peak improvement. There’s little, if any, discomfort and the patient needs no time to recover, returning to their regular routine immediately.  

Can anyone benefit from the SculpSure contouring method?

SculpSure works best with patients who have diet and exercise already under control yet still struggle with stored fat around the trunk. They’re not candidates for surgical procedures, so the non-invasive nature of SculpSure presents the best alternative. People retaining healthy skin tone show better results.

SculpSure isn’t an alternative method for weight loss. It doesn’t address any of the health effects that originate from carrying excess weight. Those who have not yet found a balance of diet and exercise for maintaining an optimum body mass won’t benefit from SculpSure treatments. Think of SculpSure as a “finishing touch” procedure, rather than a lifestyle change technique.

What’s the difference between SculpSure and Coolsculpting?

Cryolipolysis, or Coolsculpting by brand name, claims to treat fat deposits through cryotherapy, or cooling of fatty skin tissue. While the process name sounds as though it’s freezing fat, in fact, it uses temperatures that are lower than body temperature but well above freezing. This shouldn’t be confused with conventional cryotherapy, which uses the ultracold temperatures of liquid nitrogen to remove unwanted tissue such as warts and skin tags. Cryolipolysis uses a vacuum device to suck fat bulges and expose them to the below body temperature conditions for up to 1 hour.

Coolsculpting doesn’t stimulate new collagen and elastin production, the key to SculpSure’s long-term results. Coolsculpting treats only 1 area at a time, 1 hour at a time. SculpSure uses 4 heads simultaneously, for up to 4 treated areas in a single session. Though both body sculpting methods have FDA approval, SculpSure is the choice of The Herschthal Practice.

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