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Photofacials use one of a few technologies to dissipate blood vessels and stimulate collagen in the lower layers of the skin. This stimulation spurs the body’s systems into rejuvenating themselves, a sort of “jump start” that can reduce the appearance of blotchy patches, small lines and minor scarring on the face. It’s one of the treatment options available through The Herschthal Practice of Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Photofacials are a key component of the Resurfacing category of our exclusive TR3 approach. Call today to find out more.

Photofacials Q & A

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What advantages does a photofacial offer over other methods of treatment?

Photofacials are particularly well-suited to the treatment of both brown and red spots, as well as other unwanted redness present in the face, such as visible blood vessels and diffuse facial redness. About a week after treatment, red and brown spots either fade completely or reduce in intensity. There are other benefits as well, since the photofacial coagulates collagen at deep levels, encouraging new collagen development. This new production often smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as the fresh collagen provides a base of support for the outer skin layers.

Does the photofacial process hurt?

It depends on the type of photofacial you receive. LED treatments, more common at day spas and estheticians, offer a much gentler version of a photofacial than intense-pulsed light, or IPL, photofacials. LED facials are more about building new collagen and killing bacteria that cause acne. Treatments are painless and cool, with no risk of burning. LED facials may not affect skin spots as aggressively.

IPL photofacials are more intense. In fact, some of the results of a treatment resemble sunburn. Skin feels tighter and peeling is likely. Treatments cause slight discomfort but numbing gels can alleviate some of the sting. The flaking off is part of the IPL facial process and it’s important to let this happen naturally, without peeling skin away. The Herschthal Practice offers state of the art IPL photofacials with excellent results.

How do I treat my face after an IPL photofacial?

While it depends on both the intensity and area of treatment, mild moisturizers and non-irritating sunscreens are typically used after treatment. Avoid direct sun for about a week after the facial. Longer term, a solid sun protection regimen extends the effects of your facial. Make sure your sunscreen offers broadband UVA/UVB protection, with zinc oxide, and has at least an SPF of 30. While both sunlight and IPL photofacials involve bright, burning light, the harmful components get filtered out of the skin treatment. The sun provides a broadband barrage that ages the skin through collagen and elastin degradation, leading to wrinkles, brown spots, and discoloration.

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