Laser treatments are as popular as ever these days as ways to treat skin issues that inevitably arise. Whether you’re suffering from blemishes such as acne, age spots, or just good old-fashioned wrinkles, CO2 laser treatments such as CoolPeel are phenomenal at getting rid of these spots so you can enjoy clear, youthful skin once more.

What is CoolPeel Treatment?

CoolPeel is a relatively new way to get clearer, healthier skin. The treatment uses a CO2 laser to provide deep penetration into the layers of your skin. CO2 lasers have been around for some time, but medical and technological advancements have made it much more effective for people of all skin types while minimizing the discomfort experienced.

What you’re essentially doing with CoolPeel treatment and fractional resurfacing in general, is lasering off the superficial layers of skin in the target area and building new collagen in the deeper layers of your skin. This is why some discomfort and redness are often experienced because the body will have a normal recovery response to the damaged skin.

Are CO2 Lasers Safe?

While there are procedures that require less downtime by penetrating into the layers of skin without using so much intensity, as you can imagine, the results will not be as drastic. These procedures are perfect for minor issues and blemishes that need correcting, but if you’re looking for highly noticeable results, CoolPeel and fractional CO2 laser treatment may be one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

According to this article by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, it really does make a huge difference who performs your laser treatments. The reason for this is simple: laser treatments are highly effective and perfectly safe IF your provider is skilled at using them. A CO2 laser is a powerful tool, and in the right hands it can be used effectively.

At The Herschthal Practice, we do everything in our power to make sure our clients feel safe and well looked after in our hands, that includes regularly keeping up to date with new aesthetic dermatology techniques and safety protocols to make the most out of these wonderfully effective procedures!

Is CoolPeel Treatment Right for Me?

CoolPeel Treatments can minimize damage from sun exposure, reduce wrinkling, age spots, and other such blemishes. The la­ser will penetrate deep into your skin to deliver heat energy which will not only remove the surface layers of skin that pose a problem, but also within, stimulate collagen production so that the existing structures are much more elastic and firmer.

CO2 lasers are known to be highly effective at what they do, but what makes CoolPeel so special as compared to other treatments such as fractional resurfacing?

Well, while those treatments are in fact potent, the main issue is that many of them have lengthy downtimes for the patient due to the initial damage and redness that occurs from using such a high-power laser. CoolPeel does NOT have this downtime.

CoolPeel treatment can only be performed using the highly advanced SmartXide Tetra CO2 laser from DEKA. This laser is one of the most advanced CO2 lasers on the market currently and is the only laser authorized to be used for CoolPeel treatments.

The Tetra CO2 laser uses extremely quick, intermittent bursts of intense energy to get the ablative benefits from CO2 laser treatments without the “overcooking” effect that comes from other less advanced lasers that cannot adequately control their energy outputs to prevent heat from lingering.

How Long Does CoolPeel Treatment Take?

CoolPeel treatment can take anywhere from an impressive 5-15 minutes for a full face session. No anesthesia or numbing cream is required but is certainly available for those with sensitive skin and would like additional comfort.

After the treatment, you will experience a small amount of redness that is similar to sunburn for 1-2 days, but you should be able to return to your daily routine without issue. As with all facial peels and treatments, it may be best to avoid certain skincare products to avoid irritating the area for the time being.

CoolPeel Treatment in Boca Raton

The Herschthal Practice is one of few providers in the area that possess a Tetra CO2 laser capable of performing CoolPeel treatments! Contact us today at 561-342-5972 to book a consultation appointment so that you can be assessed for CoolPeel treatment! From start to finish, our professional staff will give you all the details about the procedure and what sort of recovery protocol you should use afterwards to ensure that you walk away from the treatment with the best results possible!